Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tolerance <= Equality

Equality is a topic that pops up all the time. Women's lib, gay rights, racism, etc.. But each time, I end up thinking, are we really heading towards - Equality?

Or is it just tolerance? There is a big difference between the equality and tolerance. And, that makes me very uncomfortable.

Recently while talking to a colleague about someone else who works with us, I kept referring to a openly gay person, as this - well dressed, sweet person....(to his credit, I have to admit, I admire the fact that he chooses to be so openly gay at work). And it got to a point, where my colleague had no idea who I was talking about and finally asked me, "oh, that gay guy?"

I mean, why can't I just call a guy, so openly gay, just that. Well, because that would be inappropriate at work. So is this the equality we are all trying to achieve? Where you just go for all kinds of twisted ways to talk about the same thing, but are not allowed to just call someone what they are happy to be?

I am sure most women, feel the same way about gender equality. How many times has it all seemed like farce to you? Just a kind of simulated equality, that can just be totally shaken, by the smallest probe...

Can equality ever be achieved by fighting for it - or atleast a semblance of it?

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Veena said...

I think equality can only be achieved by fighting for it. Tolerance is the first step on the road to equality - once you start 'tolerating' this person, you start learning about more about the person and this will lead you to equality some day in the long distant future. (Though I guess there's no such thing as equality when there's more than one person in this world)

What I think you are talking about is political correctness. There are places where its warranted and other instances where it sounds ludicrous. And I don't really know where to draw the line on that one.