Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Angenehme Überraschung

Über cool surprise today! 8)

It has been only a couple of months since I started blogging. I am fascinated by how new readers get to my blog. Mostly it is a search on either google or msn that has leads them to my blog.

For instance, one of the most recent readers got here from while looking for :
rilke malte verses "they are experiences"

I hope the person looking for the quote from Rilke, was happy to find this. (I had googled for this exact quote, sometime back, to support my theory in an argument, with a friend who claims to be a "closet poet".) Anyway, it was fun to read my blog entry in deutsch.

Another interesting search lead a reader to my blog. This time it was a search for: amitabh bachan favourite poetry

In this case, the search result was way off the target.

That is life, sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss.

Note: Angenehme Überraschung - babelfish translation for "pleasant surprise". Apologies if something is "lost in translation".

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