Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Preparing for a Wedding

The bride, is getting married (surprise! surprise!) in december.

Check out her blog for all the gory details that go behind an exciting Indian wedding. This is a great reason for me to make a trip to India. I am all excited about this wedding too =)

As it has been ages since I have shopped for any proper indian clothing, looks like it is going to be some work on my part, to appear presentable at a wedding. After going through a bunch of different options, (meaning googling 'Indian wedding clothes/saris/lehengas' etc) which were disappointing. Finally decided to take the simpler route - Indian movies - how could one go wrong, when every movie has atleast one wedding in it. After a fair amount of hunting, I had narrowed down on Bipasha Basu. (have to confess, that I had not seen her in a single motion picture before I had selected her... then did see her in a trailer and dropped her).

After roaming around heartbroken for a couple of days. I have found a new person to emulate. Nandita Das (thx! to MeIT for this pic). So now actively looking for images and info that will help me look/ and hopefully act like her for the wedding. Any help is appreciated!

UPDATE(07/07/2005): I have just realized how fickle-minded I am, as far as fashion goes. =) Having made nearly no progress since I posted the above, either with finding more images or info on Nandita Das. Had started to give up hope.

Then saw this beautiful film called Paheli. A beautifully shot fairytale (based on Duvidha, a short story by Vijaydan Detha). And was struck by the awesome ethnic jewellery and not to mention all the wonderful colors. So, it is Rani Mukherjee from Paheli.

UPDATE(01/01/2006): So the wedding is done. And here is what I wore :)

hello world

hiss... hello to the world from da black mamba.(The Black Mamba is the most deadly snake in the world...)