Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Same Difference

Low Bright.

I have always believed that a good story is a good story, it does not matter if it is set in a different planet, a writer's imagination, or something more mundane, like the real world, the same part of the world you live in. This was one of the very few graphic novels I have read - Same Difference.

I came across Same Difference, while randomly browsing on a friday evening. I read the first page and then the next, and then the next... till the end. While I had friends waiting to go for dinner and a movie. But they forgave, as always.

This is the work of graphic novelist Derek Kirk Kim. It is set in Pacifica (near San Francisco). If you are interested in stories that are non-dramatic and closer to life (ie, if your life is something like mine). Then you will enjoy following the lives of two friends, Asian Americans, Nancy and Simon.

I like that quality in Derek's drawings, that give the characters a kind of 'real' feel to them.

I also found an NPR interview of Derek.

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