Friday, August 19, 2005

Exposing Oneself

Your blogs end up reflecting your own thoughts.

You write blogs, out of no obligation. Atleast that is how it starts. And later it might get popular, who knows, you might be the next Ms. Klein. And the Times might decide to do a piece on you. And voila, now you have a million readers.

But at the very beginning, there is just the keyboard, monitor and you. You feel free expressing your opinions about things no one ever asked you about. This allows you to 'talk' about things the way you would really like to. But isn't that what people pay shrinks for? To just listen to them? Well, blogs could be a form of theraphy I guess.

Then again, laying out all your feelings for everyone to read. And probably saved for posterity, on the internet, somewhere. How anonymous are blogs anyway? and, how secret is your secret identity?

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