Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tailoring PCs for Local Markets

Intel plans to tailor PCs to local markets in India, China, Eygpt and Brazil.

It is common knowledge that each market has its own needs. One of the inspirations quoted in the article is VW. Apparently, the same Volkswagen van has 7 seats in the US and is configured to seat 15 people in China.

A very interesting snippet from the article, something most Indians always knew about themselves,

"He says the company can serve its customers better by treating each market as unique and tailoring products for it. In a phone interview from Bangalore, he said he couldn't find a used bicycle very easily. Then he noted how locals seemed to save and repair things over and over, including 25-year-old TV sets. For that kind of market, he said Intel might have to consider selling PCs that are easily repaired. In the United States, consumers don't think twice about tossing out a computer after five years."

That actually made be have an Aa-ha moment, right there. As a friend of mine commented, I only hope, they make the PCs that can be easily repaired by the locals.

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Veena said...

Not sure if you were up at Zoostation recently, but Rueben had put up a piece on the $100 PC.