Friday, July 08, 2005

byslexia... er...dyslexia

Had this interesting conversation over lunch the other day. Dyslexia. One of my friends started talking about the mild form of dyslexia he suffered from. He had issues with letter and number reversal in his childhood. I have never been diagnosed or even tested, but have had a little trouble with letter reversal, as a kid too.

But as we were talking about this, there were some cool observations,

dyslexic people like communicating with other dyslexics!

If that is true, it would not be a disorder, but an alternate way of brain wiring(!) When this guy was in college, he used to enjoy lectures from professors, who were not known for being particularly approachable. But did not exactly love lectures from 'popular' professors. As this pattern kept repeating, he made rounds of the offices of each of these profs and guess what -- the profs whose lectures he liked, turned out to be mildly dyslexic too!

Now that is a interesting theory. need to try my own experiment on this.

Another interesting observation,

"Some studies have concluded that speakers of languages whose orthography has a strong correspondence between letter and sound (e.g. Korean and Italian) have a much lower incidence of dyslexia than speakers of languages where the letter is less closely linked to the sound (e.g. English and French)." (source:

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