Thursday, July 07, 2005

Life of its Own - 6 deg experiment?

Does it ever amaze you that things have a tendency to have a life of their own. And how information tends to spread like a dead skunk's stink?

Some things get created with a simple, limited purpose and then go on to have a life of their own. A small incident that happened to me recently reminded me of this.

I got back from my vacation and had a ton of pictures (who doesn't). And after a month of procarsination, uploaded them to a free photosharing website. Before sharing the pictures, I created a totally innocent looking username and password, so anyone interested in viewing the pictures would have access to my pictures on this photosharing website.

I sent the 'invite' to see my pictures (and the login information) to some of my friends and colleagues. A week later, I go back to check some of my pictures and guess what? The account I created already has a life of its own! There are pictures of people from the farthest corners of the world?! People I know nothing about.

Is this turning into my own tiny 6-degrees experiment?

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Anonymous said...

hey duddess :)
do keep blogging .