Sunday, October 15, 2006


To the explosive music of the fabulous Fishtank Ensemble this friday. Roma, klezmer, flamenco and Japanese, French swing, Transylvanian... Amazing music!

Some of the songs in their new album Super Raoul -Bordeas , Ringo Bushi (or the "Apple Song"), Le Kidnappeur, Hopa Di Bida, Shamisen Master and Suite Romaine.

Listening to them perform at this tiny, ill-lit, but cozy room brought back memories of an interesting baroque concert I attended at a small church in Austria several years ago. Only with a generous dose of Snatch added in. ;)

Some really cool instruments too - do you know how the Violatromba sounds? or (ok, this might be more common) heard someone play a saw?


flashflood said...

wow thats pretty cool to have so many groups of different culture singing in one evening.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of a Violatromba...
But I know where one can hear some great saw playing: