Thursday, June 29, 2006


At under $150, you can buy it today. Many have compared it to the OLPC project's $100 laptop and fairly so. Both independently try to close the digital divide. The spec for those who are interested is here.

A demo at CeBIT 2006.

This reminds me of the very first computer I ever used (when the number of years I had spent on this planet was still a single digit (decimal!) number). The dB Spectrum. The whole PC was built into the keyboard. You plug the keyboard to your television and a tape recorder - any programs you wrote ( in BASIC) or any games you played could be stored on a cassette. I remember spending long hours on it with my sister, meticulously typing out programs that would in the end printout some banner on the television screen and playing games with the most original and thrill-inducing(chuckle) names like, bombjack and checkered flag.

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Phi1 said...

this article says you can buy it today for under $150.

where can you buy it today?