Saturday, January 07, 2006

Love Two

Two movies, two beautiful love stories. Two women, two men. Alice Wu, Ang Lee.

Saving Face

Story of a young asian surgeon, who is coming to terms with sharing her apartment with her mother, after her mom gets kicked out of her grandparent's house. And managing to date her boss's daughter, a dancer!

The first film by Alice Wu (Stanford grad, ex-code monkey, self-proclaimed geek). The movie is set in New York. There are parts that are homage to classics like 'The Graduate'. The theme reminds you of 'The Wedding Banquet' (by Ang Lee) , set in New York and about Asian-american families coming to terms with the fact that, yes, their loving, devoted, sincere, successful children can actually be - Gay!

The actors were all excellent in their roles (Joan Chen, Michelle Krusiec and Lynn Chen). One way to tell a movie will be good, is when you can actually relate to or love the minor characters in the movie and they are also played by wonderful actors. There is also something about first time directors, that add so much to the soul of a film. They add these tiny details, nuances in the dialogue and scenes that add so much more life to the movie and the characters.

This is no Ang Lee, but an excellent first film.

Moving on to the men,

Brokeback Mountain

After all the wonderful reviews, Ang Lee's direction, the amazing landscape and the two hot men, it was finally time - to go gawk at it all. (After all, my sister has been so smitten by Heath Ledger, without even watching the film - just the trailers)

Yes, when I said, two movies - I did mean an Ang Lee film - but not the other gay film ('The Wedding Banquet'), but this one seems to have swept everyone off their feet.

Checked to see where this movie would be playing in my part of the world and turned out that it is being screened only in two theatres as it is a "limited release" film! At 7:30 decided to race to the Landmark Theatres. (don't you love it when they actually spell it as Theatre!) to catch the 8:00pm show on friday. Drove around for 30 minutes. Raced around the block for parking. Ran to the tiny theatre - got in at 8:15, and occupied, what were, the very last seats - right at the front and ended up looking up to Heath and Jake, the whole time.

Have to say it was worthwhile. I actually caught myself crying (cringe!) towards the end. That is something, I did not expect, walking into the theatre. I loved Michelle Williams. She did a splendid job. The pent up frustration, the pain of being hurt by someone she trusted so much. Its beautiful. The same with the last meeting between Heath and Jake - there was so much frustration, love, helplessness and the desire to be in control. There are very few times, that one sees strong men - cowboys at that - cry.

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